Power of Thought Episode 1 Intrepid (text only)

Intrepid: unafraid, bold, fearless, very brave,

Are you intrepid? Bold, fearless, brave. Most of us don’t feel very brave, most of us live with hidden fears.  Those fears coalesce into a ball of anxiety which dictate our actions.  Rather than letting our desires to rule our heart we let our frightened mind take over we are unable to break free.

Yet the word intrepid means we can break free from our fears and live a fearless life. What is fearless? Simply put, it means to fear less. Not an absence of fear but a quelling of ones fear in order to accomplish the task at hand.

Bravery is not fool hardiness, instead it’s a calculated willingness to move forward in the face of danger – firefighters, first responders, cave explorers, racecar drivers, speakers, musicians and business people starting a new venture all face fear yet they take on the mantel of intrepidness and they become bold.

When you were a child you didn’t live in fear, you were bold, you took chances. You learned to walk, you fell many, many times until you were able to stand on your own. You learned to read and write which also took many months, even years to master yet you stuck with it.

If you ever took up a musical instrument you know it also took a long time, in most cases many years. Those first notes were awkward but if you had good teachers they encouraged you to keep at it even when you sounded awful. 

If you played a sport or started a hobby you weren’t very good when you began but over time you became better. Pros in every field spent thousands of hours to become what they are today. All by overcoming their fears.

Think of the first date you asked to the school dance. It took all the courage you could muster to ask the cute young girl out. But you did it and you have the memory to prove it.

Risk taking is built into all of us. Our forefathers moved beyond the village they grew up in and started exploring the world around them. Many of us no longer live in the country of our origin in many cases we are made up of many nationalities all because a need to overcome fears and expand beyond what was known to our forefathers.

Intrepidness it was part of our DNA. It takes life experience, people of bad influence and failures to instill within us fear.  Yet I say be Intrepid don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams or your goals of building a better world.

You know many people have the fear of speaking in front of others yet when they get behind a microphone they discover they are empowered to share their thoughts and podcasting is an exceptional way to do this. If you want help launching a podcast then contact me at stevejohann.com or message me here on LinkedIn and I’ll be happy help you.

You know, maybe you recently lost a loved one or your life seems to be in shambles, you lost your job or your business just failed and you want to give up and call it quits. Don’t because you are far too valuable to end your life.

Instead be intrepid and place you hope in God, gather around you people who you can trust and who want to help you pull yourself out of the darkness and into the light.

Intrepid what a cool word, simply put we all need to be intrepid.

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