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Attention Business Leaders in today’s business environment you need a competitive edge and podcasting offers you that edge.

A branded podcast is the perfect media platform to build a fan base, improve visibility and create trust in the mind of your targeted audience, resulting in improved brand recognition, goodwill and increased sales.

There’s many reasons why you should consider creating a branded podcast and there are just as many reasons why you shouldn't. After you've explored this website I invite you to contact me to discuss if podcasting makes sense for your company.

Steve Johann is an award winning podcaster, co-host and producer of the Horsepower Chrome and Rust podcast, and author of The Podcaster's Cookbook. Steve's 12 years as a podcaster plus 20 years in marketing, give him the expertise to help companies and organizations like yours successfully produce and launch a professionally produced podcast.

Podcasting & Podcast Services 12 years experience Producing podcasts

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