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“The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a lion.”

Proverbs 28:1

Did you know there’s a cosmic battle being fought and you’re part of it?

There is a cosmic battle being waged between the agents of darkness and agents of light. It’s been going on for a long time and you’re part of it, whether you like it or not. Did you know that at the end of life there will be an accounting made? Did you know there’s more to life than power, pleasure and possessions? Did you know, you can always switch sides and start living up to your God given potential?

In this cosmic battle there are three enemy forces: The flesh/mind, the world system and the Devil (spiritual realm). The battle is being waged on three fronts: Individual, communal and global. Depending on what side you are fighting for, you will be: A) Helping to overcome the darkness by sharing light. B) Extinguishing the light by supporting the darkness.

There's no opting out of the battle

The fight between good and evil is being fought between the Lords of Light (those under Jesus command) and the Lords of Darkness (those under Satan’s command).  As individuals we are given the choice as to which side we will fight for. We can choose to step out of the darkness and into the light or we can choose to remain in the darkness.

Unlike a physical battle being fought on land, this battle is being fought inside our mind which is then manifested through our actions. It’s our mind that dictates our thoughts, beliefs and actions even down to how our physical bodies operate. Our minds can cause us to love or hate someone. It can cause us to live in freedom or fear. It can even bring about health or illness.

In this battle, there are three types of people

Type one are the soldiers of darkness called Darkling’s and their followers. This group contains the wealthiest most powerful men on earth. According to scripture their final destiny is the lake of fire. They live by a Darwinian mindset of survival of the fittest. They love money and pleasure and they have an intense need, to control others. They have a god complex and are driven by Demonic beings.

Type two are the Soldiers of Light known as Lions which consists of truth seeking individuals, whose path leads to eternal life. This group works to right wrongs, give a hand up to the fallen, share the light of God through wisdom, knowledge and truth in a spirit of love. They know or will know Jesus as their Lord. They are fully aware of the Darkling’s and are doing all they can to thwart and counter them.

Type three is the great in-between known as sheep. This group is oblivious to the struggle going on between the Lords of Darkness and Lords of Light. This group believes what they’re told by the very World System run by the Darkling’s who wish to keep them penned up. Some are searching for truth and need guidance, others blindly obey everything they are told by authority figures and don’t want to know truth. Some have given up all hope and are living in a self imposed internal hell of their own making.

The question I wish to ask you is, which team are you on? What type of person are you?

An invitation to join the Lion Zone

The Lord of light also known as the Lion of Juda is gathering to Himself a resistance group, made up of truth seekers who are scattered over the entire earth. This resistance group operates in light, love and honor and are called to set the captives free from their self-imposed* bondage of ignorance and deception. They have stepped out of the pen and into the Lion Zone and are walking in the light, and are now serving the Lion of Juda.

Lions are kings and queens of the African plains. Unlike the Mountain lion who is a solitary creature. African lions don’t live alone, they live in prides. Lions believe in family, we believe in community and we protect our young. We work together, play together and build together and we fight together. We build support networks, we educate each other and assist each other in need. We have only one Alpha Lion and that’s the Lion of Juda, King Jesus as our leader who together submit ourselves to God's ruler ship over us.

Be of great cheer, you are not alone in this struggle against light and darkness. There are millions of people who have not bowed to Satan and his Darkling’s. They are ridding themselves of personal demons and overcoming roadblocks to a deeper walk with God and improved lives in every dimension. They are turning away from the darkness of despair and turning to a life filled with purpose, love, light, community and adventure. And so can you. I am here to help you do that, should you so choose to do so.

*I say self-imposed, because you become what your mind consumes. Most of us have been guilty of feeding our mind with poisonous content put out by the world system. The poison I speak of is broadcast through the news, advertising and nearly every form of entertainment birthed in darkness. But there’s good news. Like me and many others, you can have your mind renewed and leave the sheep pen and follow the Lion of Judah.

Where to begin

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Are you ready to step out of the sheep pen?

My works are dedicated to dispelling lies and deceptions, encouraging and empowering and bringing joy into your life. Because, as serious as this battle called life is, there is much to be grateful for. Much!  So give yourself some time and explore this website and associated material. Feel free to drop me a line, connect with me through one of my media portals and interact with me when I offer live interactive studies and events. Until then, here’s to your journey into the Lion Zone.

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