If there’s a singular problem facing the world today, it’s the lack of discernment reflected in billions of people choosing to align with dark forces intent on destroying them physically, mentally, financially and spiritually.

Those who read this book will be exposed to many evidences put forth by Steve that counter the “official 2020 narrative” and you will come to see just how deceived the entire world has been.

Those who read this book will discover the plans and planners behind the methods used to manipulate the minds of the masses through crisis plays, propaganda and sales techniques taken from the military and advertising world.

You’ll learn of practical ways to build God honoring, life affirming alternatives to the demon controlled earthly structures we’ve come to rely on.

You’ll come to see God is to be honored above every form of power center we have idolized our entire life.

This book is must-reading for pastors who wish to equip their flocks, teachers who want to instruct their students, business owners who wish to preserve their businesses against ungodly mandates and political correctness being foisted upon them and parents who want to protect their children. Last but not least, it’s for anyone wishing to have discernment to outwit the dark forces of this world.

If you take to heart what’s written in this book, you’ll be in position to positively transform you and your loved ones lives for generations to come to the glory of God.


Deception Code 3D Cover

If you are thinking about starting a podcast, I suggest you purchase The Podcasters Cookbook as your entry point into the podcasting world.

This book was written:

To help you create a successful podcast platform.

To help you make an informed decision before starting a podcast.

To help you avoid some of the pitfalls podcasters face.

To introduce myself and my philosophy of podcasting.


Podcasters Cookbook 3DB