November 2020 Newsletter

Give Thanks in 2020!

After pondering what I would write, I decided to review some past Thanksgiving Newsletters and came across the one I sent out in 2008 as I felt it worth revisiting. Before we do I wish to give you a brief overview of what took place after 2008.

The 2008 Crash was due to the manipulation of the economy by a handful of very powerful greedy individuals. Well here we are in 2020 living through another contrived situation whereby massive destruction and restructuring is occurring in order to enact ever more control over the populace. Maybe 2020 is closer to what took place immediately after 9/11/2001 which was a huge power grab that ushered in the security state we now live under

Why all the resets and the accompanying death and destruction? Call it the fall of man: The rejection of God and the elevation of man. The rejection of God’s wisdom for man’s wisdom. As the writer of Ecclesiasts stated: there is nothing new under the sun. I could write several pages but I won’t.

Yet, not all is dark and gloomy for those willing to wake up, smell the coffee and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear there is hope. For you I say: Never give up, never give in and never let the bad guys get you down.

With this in mind here are some tidbits of wisdom written in 2008 that still holds true today.

Giving thanks for all things:

Give thanks for life

Give thanks for death as it reminds us how precious life is.

Give thanks for health.

Give thanks for sickness as it reminds us how lucky we are to be healthy.

Give thanks for your job

Give thanks when you lose your job as it reminds you that a job gives meaning to life.

Give thanks for your family

Give thanks when you loose a loved one as it reminds you how much we need family

Give thanks for a great economy

Give thanks when the economy fails as it reminds us how fortunate we are to have an economy

Give thanks for faith

Give thanks for doubts as it reminds us how valuable our faith is

Give thanks when things go right

Give thanks when things go wrong as it reminds us how often things do go right.

Give thanks for achievements

Give thanks for failures as it reminds us to never take for granted our achievements

Give thanks for the simple things

Give thanks for complicated things in life as they remind us to value simplicity.

Give thanks for tools that make life easier.

Give thanks when tools fail as it reminds us how lucky we are to have tools.

Give thanks for the sun

Give thanks for the night as it reminds us how good the sun is.

Give thanks for victories

Give thanks for the defeats because they remind us how sweat our victories are

Give thanks for ease

Give thanks for challenges they remind us life really isn’t easy

Give thanks for leisure

Give thanks for work it reminds us how precious our leisure time is

Give thanks for light

Give thanks for the darkness because it forces us to discover ways to illuminate our life

Give thanks for clarity

Give thanks for confusion because it can be a means to finding clarity

Give thanks for peace

Give thanks for conflicts it reminds us peace comes with a price

Give thanks for agreement

Give thanks for disagreements as often they are paths to creating agreement

Give thanks for love

Give thanks for hate because it reminds how much we need to love

Give thanks for good

Give thanks for evil as it reminds us how much we need good

Give thanks for hope

Give thanks for desperation it reminds us how much we need hope

Give thanks when you stand

Give thanks when you fall it reminds you of your need for Gods grace

In all things give thanks

Final Thoughts

In closing, today many live in fear waiting for a silver bullet to save them, well that bullet may kill you so be careful for what you wish for. When people reject God they get fear, hopelessness and delusional thinking and the inability or unwillingness to think for themselves so they become reliant on experts, officials and talking heads to tell them how to think and live. They become helpless and reliant on government or those in authority thus becoming slaves to the worlds system.

On the opposite side is Jesus plea: Come to me all who are weary… and I will give you rest. Believe and follow me because I am the way the truth and the life and he who finds me finds life. As humans we have free will we can chose life or death, freedom or bondage. The beginning of freedom starts with giving thanks to God the Giver of life. Please read Romans 1:16-32 to see what happens when people stop giving thanks to God.

So start right now and continue every day giving thanks to God for all that He has given you beginning with life itself.

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Happy Thanksgiving.

Best to you.

Steve Johann