Power of Podcasting EP1 How to Build a powerful public relations platform through podcasting

Power of Podcasting Episode 1 How to create a powerful public relations through podcasting.

In this episode I will share with you how a branded podcast can be used to create a powerful public relations platform.

In a media-saturated world where bad news travels fast, you need a way to offset the negativity and build up your reputation among your customers. What’s a better way to tell your own story than by hosting a weekly podcast where you’re in charge of what gets shared?

For years Mobil Corporation sponsored Masterpiece Theater on PBS. Why? Because the company wanted to put a positive spin on their brand to offset any blowback related to such things as high prices at the gas pump, oil spills and geo-political issues. This simple sponsorship PR piece did wonders for both parties.

Your branded podcast can act in the same way, but instead of a sponsor of a show you may not agree with, you have an entire show that can act as a positive reflection of your brand. Keep in mind it helps if you have brand that is positive and not tied to an underworld syndicate.

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You know podcasting is a powerful way to promote your organization but it should never be a substitute for your other marketing efforts. Instead it should be part of an integrated marketing plan. When done right, a podcast not only leverages your other marketing efforts but accentuates them as well.

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Now go out and be successful in all you do.