December 2021 Newsletter Merry Christmas to my friends from the desk of Steve Johann

Dancing to a different drum beat

It’s December 2021 and oh what a year it has been filled with ups and downs and all matter of cheer.

Many of you know the old song little drummer boy, I decided to pull from it as my theme this month in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. (Though he wasn’t born on Dec 25th)

Throughout the ages men and women of a higher caliber have often chosen to dance to a different beat. That beat is their own heart beat, not that of those around them. While the masses choose to dance to the bombastic beats of the latest trends they hear and watch on TV, the few choose to dance to a quieter yet just as powerful beat that connects them to a higher way of thinking, removed them from the cares and concerns of things they can’t control and instead the beat carries them to a different mindset which opens up new vistas unknown to the masses.

While rereading an old issue of Success Magazine June/July 2008 to be exact, I came across an article about Paul J Meyer a man who had a massive impact on millions of people the world over through his success courses. In his early days as an Insurance salesman/branch manager he was faced with what many would call tough times, yet instead of doing what many companies did which is to lay people off, he did the following; Taken from the article: What it takes to be a winner.

During a 1962 economic recession, Paul and his team were struggling to find a way to help his sales force during this trying period. Knowing they were surrounded with negative messages coming from all directions, the company set a goal not to read the newspaper, not to watch television and not to listen to any gossip for 30 days but simply to go out and work. The end result was they increased production by 50 percent. He stated; “When you concentrate on the positives in your life, you stir up the desire to get moving, to seize the day, to take action, to conquer every adversity that jeopardizes well-being or prosperity”.

Wow, I love this, here was a group of men who chose to follow good advice from a high achiever. These men turned off the TV, stopped paying attention to the news and quit listening to bad news bearers. They chose to go to work every day and act as if it was like any other day. The outcome was increased production! This is what I am doing with my life and I wish for you to do with your life.

I am coming out with a book early part of next year (2022). Currently it’s in the proofing stage. It’s titled: Breaking The Deception Code: A truth seekers guide to discernment. In my book, I not only identify the World System and those who wish to make life miserable for us, but also ways to counter their efforts. One way I point out is to turn off the News. The news is not there to give you good news they are there to sell fear. Hint, it has been for a very, very, long time as we see from the story from 1962.

Fear is addictive and it is catchy, but fear has negative side effects it immobilizes you, it turns you into a vulnerable puddle of pudding, much like the character Odo in Deep Space Nine, who when he needed to sleep turned into a puddle of his former self which made him vulnerable to attacks.

Paul J Meyer knew this back in 1962 and that’s why he didn’t let the world system tell him or his staff what to do or how to think, instead he chose the higher path which was to shut off the negative even demonic messaging being put out by the Media. He chose to shut off the doom and gloom “experts” and politicians who never let a crises go to waste. Nope, Paul and his staff set out to do what many didn’t and they overcame their supposed hardships and were able to keep business flowing and their way of life intact.

You know when God sent his son Jesus to this earth, it was in the fullness of time, according to scripture. What does this mean? Fullness of time.

Well prior to Christ’s birth, the world was in constant turmoil and flux, yet when God saw the world system had created a more structured civilization He saw to it that Christ would be born then. Why? Because he needed a means of carrying the Gospel message to millions of people in the quickest time. He also needed men’s minds to be capable of understanding the message.

Rome was the world power of its day. Rome not only took over the entire European economy and beyond they build fortresses, terraformed entire regions of the European coast lines including much of Britton. The Romans created highways, bridges and trade routes that reached into very portion of Europe, Africa and the Middle East and far beyond. Even to the point of the Reformation taking place at a time when the message could be sent to the far off continents thanks to later developments in Europe.

The time was ripe when Christ came to the earth in the form of a baby born to a virgin.  The common language of that day was Greek as Rome had adopted it for all its written communications. Greek was the common language. To be sure other languages were being spoken of much like today where English is the dominate language of our time Greek was in their times.

So after the resurrection took place 33 years or so after Christs Birth, his disciples began writing about the works of Jesus did and the words he spoke as recorded in the four gospels. While others wrote letters to early converts to instruct them in how to live which makes up the rest of what is known as the New Testament books contained in the Bible.

In addition to the New Testament writings, they had the Greek version of the Old Testament called the Septuagint. Between these bodies of work the missionaries could carry portions of these writings with them into every Roman influenced nation using the very infrastructure built by the Romans! Thus the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus birth, death and resurrection and message could be spread to every nation, tribe and people group even to China and other places as they are all on the same continent!

Church writers communicated in Greek later it was translated into Latin by the roman church but for the first several hundred years, missionaries traveled throughout all of the region mentioned above and the gospel was proclaimed to millions of people and hundreds of thousands of converts began to transform the entire region from barbaric regions into civilized God fearing regions.

God’s timing isn’t our timing, He may be slow yet he is patient not wanting any to perish but all to come to repentance. That said over the past 2000 years He has used men and women zealous for Him to spread the message of love, hope, peace, salvation and reconciliation to billions of people. The outcome is the world we have today a much better place than when Jesus stood upon the shores of Galilee.

Keep in mind all along the way there have been evil God haters who have worked tirelessly for Satan to thwart the work of God. Men who wish to be god themselves, have always hated God, as he is God and they aren’t, yet they wish to rule as gods. These are our enemies, these are the men I identify in my book who are haters of men lovers of self.

The world as it is today, may be harsh and yes there are evil doers using the media to sell you things you don’t need and may even kill you, but compared to first century Rome, we have come a long way thanks to men and women dancing to a different beat.

Here is a question. What if God’s followers to continue dancing to the same beat of the world system of their day? What if Jesus followers of today choose to dance to the worlds drum beat? We wouldn’t be where we are today we would still be living in a very savage place. Yet God told them to stop dancing to the worlds beat and dance to His beat and they did. And yes I would be remise if I didn’t acknowledge there are church people throughout the ages including today, who have slipped back into dancing to the worlds drum beat.  When this takes place, we see great evil done in the name of Jesus. But those people are the turn coats, not the true believers.

So my challenge to you is, choose to no longer dance to the worlds drum beat, turn off the news and stop listening to doctor death and his companions as they hate you much like the evil doers of Jesus day. Turn away from the bad news bearers and their ilk who love themselves. The news industry make a living off pain and misery, they aren’t there to offer solutions. Remember the old song Dirty Laundry? He got it right and it still holds true to this day.

It’s up to you to say no to the fear mongers and yes to dancing to your own beat. It’s up to you to go out and work your tail off and refuse to live in fear but by faith. Let’s learn from the higher mined people of the past and apply what they did to our own lives and I believe we will see a much brighter 2022.

Join me on the dance floor and we will dance to the little drummer boy who dedicated his song to the King of Kings the Christ child who is now sitting at the right hand of God.

Here is to dancing to a different drum beat.

Come thy told me
Pa rum pum pum-pum
A newborn King to see
Pa rum pum pum-pum
Our finest gifts we bring

Pa rum pum pum-pum
To lay before the king
Pa rum pum pum-pum
Rum pum pum-pum
Rum pum pum-pum
So to honor Him
Pa rum pum pum-pum
When we come